Services to Lot Owners

Service includes -


Communication:  In our initial meetings with owners we will work through a checklist of items to ensure we have a clear picture of the community's needs including their short and long-term goals. All emails and phone calls to landlines and mobiles within Australia are included in our fee structure. Our point of contact is usually the chairperson of each owners corporation however in many cases we will need to communicate with all owners where major decisions require special resolutions.


Ongoing communication including the issuing of levy notices and other information will be delivered by email in most cases rather than Australia Post due to the recent increases in our national postal service and the long delays in delivery we are all now experiencing.


Banking:  We rely on Macquarie Bank to provide us with a superior drama-free banking service and we continue to enjoy their advice and expertise. From our other banks are not streamlined in strata management procedures to provide the superior level of service required. 


Financials:  Annual reports are distributed by email to all owners with the notice of . At all other owners can easily navigate to their own financial transactions by logging into our online Community Portal.


Levies /Arrears: We recommend a debt collection policy be applied to levy arrears. Unpaid levies even in the short term will adversely affect the day-to-day operations of any strata community. As we're removed from the emotional issues that often hinders the process of collecting outstanding levies. All owners have the option of a payment plan in times of financial hardship and are encouraged to apply to the manager in those circumstances. 


Builders and Developers: Our aim is to simplify the process of establishing a strata scheme for new developments by:

  • Calling the inaugural AGM
  • Establishing special rules if applicable
  • Providing competitive insurance quotes
  • Lodging of paperwork with Land Victoria
  • Determining the annual budget and levies
  • Preparation of Owners Corporation Certificates 

Repairs and Maintenance:  There are two main objectives to the maintenance service we provide:  the safety of those who live in or visit the property and the protection of the owners' major asset.  All contractors must be fully insured and licensed in their particular field with copies of those policies and documents held with us before any work order is issued.


Meetings:  We notify all owners of a date of their AGM as early as twelve months in advance. All meetings involving our managers are conducted via Zoom (videoconferencing) and within business hours. This ensures meetings are conducted in a professional and timely manner and owners attend from the comfort of their home or office. 


Insurance:  As authorised representatives of Whitbread Insurance Brokers we are able to provide our owners with comprehensive insurance options.  We encourage owners to consider covering themselves for at least $30 million in public liability insurance and for adequate property insurance to cover the reinstatement and/or replacement of the common property. 


Valuations:  We believe all strata communities should obtain a revised property valuation every 3-5 years and owners should review their insurance needs at every annual general meeting.


Other Services:  You might require services that  fall within our regular management fee structure.


If you have questions regarding any of the above or concerns with your current management, contact us for a confidential discussion.



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